You want to open a new office in a place where the summers are long and hot. If you want your employees to be productive at their workplace, you will have to provide the right conditions. And for that, you will have to keep the heat out of the office. You need a good air conditioning solution to secure the optimal 23 to 24 degrees celsius.


Most businesses opt for a central air conditioning systems and search for properties equipped with one. If you are moving into an older building you want to refurbish, you will have to do the research and see which system will do a better job for you. Here at Bloomfield heating and cooling, we recommend a good split system – read on for more information.

Advantages of Ductless Mini Split System

The main good features of this common air conditioning system are a simple installation and small size combined with excellent flexibility and adaptability. It has two main components: an outdoor unit which interacts with the outside environment and the indoor unit which keeps a steady temperature inside. They are connected via a conduit.

The main advantages of this system are ease of installation and use, compact size which means great flexibility and the fact that they do not require any existing ductwork in the building. It means they work particularly well with older buildings which have thick walls and lack the ductwork infrastructure. They are mounted very quickly and easily, and they keep the inside temperature constant during the summer. Another good feature is that they can also keep the inside of the building warm during the winter. These systems also tend to be a little quieter when compared to centralize units.


The main drawbacks of split systems are the installation costs in big buildings because they require proper placement and sizing. Big buildings will require a lot of individual units set up in the right way. Also, another thing to keep in mind is the aesthetic effect on the outside of the building. Some cities have strict codes which regulate the placement of outdoor units.